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Healing Touch

We believe health and quality of life are affected by our energy systems. We promote self-healing through Healing Touch therapy.

During Healing Touch therapy, practitioners use their hands to help restore balance and harmony by working with the human energy field. When we are stressed or ill, it is very easy for our energy fields to become unbalanced. Healing Touch practitioners clear, balance and energize the client’s energy field, thereby placing the client in a position to initiate or accelerate the self-healing process.

Healing Touch is non-invasive and does not require disrobing. A typical one-hour session can allow clients to leave feeling grounded, peaceful, and focused. Healing touch can help with pain management, headaches, stress, anxiety, PTSD, transitions of life, tolerating cancer treatment and more.

Sessions are typically 60-minutes. Gift certificates are available for Healing Touch Therapy sessions.

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